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Since someone asked me for my notes from when I taught MATH 1013 in Fall 2018, here they are.

This year, I'm teaching two courses at York:

  • MATH 1310, Integral calculus with applications (a second calculus class in the math majors' core courses), Fall 2019.
  • MATH 1300, Differential calculus with applications (an introductory calculus class in the math majors' core courses), Spring 2020.

I was the instructor for two courses at York in the 2018-2019 school year:

  • MATH 1013, Applied calculus I (an introductory calculus class primarily for engineering majors), Fall 2018.
  • MATH 1190, Introductions to sets and logic (a first-year discrete math course primarily for information technology majors), Spring 2019.

With MATH 1190, I was teaching the only section, so I had the chance to make all the decisions about the course set-up and the content that would be covered. I found it to be a rewarding challenge, quite valuable to my development as a teacher.

Both classes I've taught at York have been pretty large (MATH1013 had 250 students and MATH 1190 had 150 students), which makes it harder to keep students active and engaged during class. To this end, I have used "clicker polls" interspersed throughout the lecture, with basic questions to get the students assessing their understanding in the moment and correcting their common misconceptions.